Trio NeuKlang (formed in 1998)

Nikolaj Abramson / Clarinet
Arthur Hornig / Violoncello
Jan Jachmann / Concert Accordion

The three gentlemen listed above are unfortunately not the most skilled of writers. Aware of their shortcomings, they decided to let a charming as well as eloquent journalist describe their trio. The text that resulted was adorned with phrases such as:
The extravagant original arrangements combine musical genres and eras that were previously stylistically separate, letting old familiar sounds sound new.
Eloquent Journalist
The unique instrumentation creates a versatile sound that alternates between the precision of chamber music and the breadth of a symphony orchestra.
Eloquent Journalist
Not that this isn’t true, but these compliments made the three musicians blush to such an extent that they decided they would rather write the text themselves. However, they realized that their world of music – in which Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” sounds like a tango, Beethoven’s symphonies become jazz standards and contemporary music appears well-tempered – is described better with their music than with words.